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Water Coolers from Hepscott Water Systems

Hepscott are one of the leading UK suppliers of water dispensers including mains fed water coolers, instant hot water boilers and bottled water coolers. We have the latest, highest quality, WRAS approved water dispensers suitable for every location, from small offices to a large staff restaurants, schools or gyms

We all know drinking water is good for you and our mains fed water coolers are good for the environment too! We fully comply with the WEEE directive and our water dispensers use a sleep mode option to reduce energy use and use recyclable materials.

Save time and enjoy hot water on demand with an instant hot water boiler. No more waiting for the kettle to boil. Replace old scaled up kettles, reduce health and safety risks and reduce high energy costs.

Be reassured by our quality products and unbeatable customer service. We also have full accreditation for:

  • Investor In People
  • The European Point of Use Drinking Water Association

Thirstpoint water cooler special offer  

Special Offer:

Unlimited drinking water for
just £4.62 a week including service!

For a limited time only we’re offering our value for money drinking water cooler at an unbeatable price.

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