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Customer Testimonials

Wansbeck District Council

The Council has installed a number of water cooling machines and many employees have noticed an improvement in the quality of water.

Chilled water is always available and the Council has reduced its costs by approximately 45%.
Peter Smith, Chief Personnel Services Officer

University of East Anglia

We have recently had 7 cold water machines installed into our new building in Norwich . In addition to the good service received from yourself, I would particularly praise your engineer on the installation. Despite being last in the chain following the installation of a number of vending machines which created several problems, he adopted the stance of "that's no problem" and then proceeded to delivery exactly what he had promised.

It was a welcome change from several of the previous engineer's attitudes and was an excellent advertisement for your company.

Steve Clay, Project Co-ordinator

Delaney Lund Knox Warren

I would highly recommend Hepscott Water to any business who require a cost effective, professional company to provide a high quality drinking water. This also comes with first rate customer care/engineer service that is second to none, nothing is too much trouble for the guys at Hepscott.. I challenge anyone to beat it.

Jennie Margiotta, Office Services Manager

White Young Green

Hepscott initially installed a water filter within White Young Green’s Glasgow office. This not only saves the company money, but means we never run out of water! Service and value has been so fantastic, and has impressed WYG so much, that the water filters are being installed in all our 19 UK offices over a period of time. The staff are most polite and helpful and the back up service provided is second to none. We cannot remmond Hepscott highly enough.

Alison McKechnie, Office Manager

Durham County Council

Durham County Council use Hepscott water Systems Ltd as their provider for Bottled Water & Plumbed In Water Coolers, through the NEPO arrangements.

I have always found the company to be professional, accommodating and approaching in all aspects of their business. Their Customer Service is always helpful and efficient especially in relation to Durham County Council's Schools who are now in the process of either being transferred or already have transferred over to Hepscott Water Systems. The staff who sanitise the Water Coolers for Hepscott Water are very friendly and helpful.

I would not hesitate to recommend this Company to any Establishment/Body as a provider for Bottled or Plumbed In Water Coolers.

Denise Corrigan, Procurement Officer

Nottingham Trent University

I chose Hepscott for the value for money aspect, you were very reasonably priced, offered a fantastic after care customer service and you are very approachable and professional company.

Janet Bevan, Resources Admin Ass.

Wandsworth Social Services

I write to confirm our satisfaction with your product and the cost efficiency we have experienced since moving from fixed water butts. We are most satisfied with the machines we have in our unit and would recommend Hepscott Water based upon our experience of dealing with the company.

Mark Honan, Procurement Department