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Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking water fountains are ideal for use in places where high use is anticipated, offering an instant supply of quality drinking water for all staff and visitors. With a water fountain, you will never have to worry about running out of fresh and tasty water at the perfect chilled temperature.

Hepscott Drinking Fountains

The highly efficient Hepscott drinking water fountain produces high volume chilled drinking water, over 26 litres per hour.

Hepscott dispensers are available in either stainless steel or powder coat finish, and make ideal drinking water fountains for schools, hospitals, gyms and public areas.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in various output options, producing 15, 25 or 50 litres per hour at 4C to 12C
  • Available in silver grey powder coat or stainless steel finish
  • Bubbler and glass filler option supplied as standard
  • Dimensions - 330 x 340 X 960mm
  • Weight - 26 kg
  • Filtration System - 1 micron QC silver carbon block

The classic "direct chill" fountain is highly efficient and produces high volumes of chilled, quality drinking water.

Our all inclusive service package includes filter changes and sanitisation every 26 weeks, component replacement, and service call outs at no extra cost.

You can be reassured that Hepscott offer quality products, full industry accreditation and unbeatable customer service with all our drinking water fountains.

drinking water fountains
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Water Fountains for Schools

Numerous studies have indicated that even a slight drop in hydration can cause children to experience a loss of concentration and drop in short-term memory, as well as decreased efficiency in arithmetic.

To combat this, many schools choose to invest in drinking water fountains to ensure the pupils stay hydrated throughout the day. Water fountains for schools provide a constant stream of water, solving the problem of having to reorder plastic bottles. In addition, drinking water fountains for schools produce a much tastier alternative to tap water, encouraging children to remain topped up.

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