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Instant Hot Water Boilers for Tea and Hot Drinks

ThirstPoint hot hpOur instant hot water boilers are the ideal tea urn replacement!

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Simple, instant operation makes them ideal for making tea and hot drinks in busy offices, shops, factories or hospitals.

Flexibility and versitility make any one of our hot water boilers at home in almost any working environment.

The busier the company or organisation, the more effective an instant hot water boiler is.

Our Hot Water Boiler Range

Why use an instant hot water boiler?

Cost Saving

How much time is wasted every day by staff filling a kettle and waiting for it to heat up? Is it 30 minutes, an hour, or more? After putting a value on that time its easy to calculate how much it costs in a year - just to boil a kettle.

Promotes Safe Practice

Kettles can present safety risks in the workplace. Steam and spilt water can scald people or damage surfaces; plugs and electrical connections are not always properly maintained.

Under current Health & Safety legislation, portable appliances such as kettles must be inspected regularly for safety. In today's busy working environment the use of unauthorised electric kettles can overload circuits and lead to the loss of important computer data.

One low fixed rental charge includes installation, service and maintenance package, giving peace of mind.