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ThirstPoint Instant Wall Mounted Hot Water Boiler

How much time is wasted every day by staff filling a kettle and waiting for it to heat up? Is it 30 minutes, an hour, more? After putting a value on that time it’s easy to calculate how much it costs in a year – just to boil a kettle.

ThirstPoint boiling water products eliminate this waste of time and money by providing a constant supply of boiling water on demand. Up to 10 litres of boiling water can be drawn off at any one time.

ThirstPoint boiling water products are permanently plumbed in and as water is drawn off the unit refills, providing a constant supply of boiling water making them ideal for a bustling office, shop, factory, and hospital or school staff room.


Cups (180ml)
At one time
Mugs (250ml)
At one time
Volume (litres)
At one time
55 40 10


Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Tap dispense height (mm)
488 250 448 185


ThirstPoint hot special offer

For a limited time, get a ThirstPoint hot for just £4.50 a week including service!

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  • Great value boiling water
  • Energy efficient
  • 10 litre immediate draw off
  • Installed with scale-reducing 3M filters
  • Tap dispense