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The Niagara

This high capacity water dispenser produces between 65 and 180 litres of chilled water per hour. 

Ideal for high use environments like restaurants, hotels, kitchens and staff canteens.

Carbonated option available.

Free Installation*

Technical Specifications

  • Cold Water Output – Between 65 and 180 litres per hour – 8C to 12C
  • Weight - Between 38 and 62kgs
  • Dimensions Floor Standing - 640 X 600 X 1670mm
  • Dimensions Table Top - 590 X 400 X 580mm
  • Filtration System - 1 micron QC Carbon Block

The Niagara uses “ice bank” technology to produce a large, constant supply of chilled filtered water. It is the ideal solution where large volumes of chilled water are required within a short period for staff canteens, restaurants etc.

The Niagara is available in three options, as a compact bench top model, floorstanding or undersink with separate dispense tap. All models are available with still or still and sparkling.

Our all inclusive service package includes filter changes and sanitisation every 26 weeks, component replacement and service call outs, at no extra cost.

* A free trial with Hepscott Water Systems is offered, provided that water and electricity services are accessible and is subject to a site survey.

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