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Waterlogic 2500 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The Water Logic 2500 hot and cold water dispenser delivers an instant and constant supply of the highest quality hot and cold drinking water.

This ergonomically designed water cooler compliments any environment, providing large quantities of chilled and instant piping hot water.

Free Installation*

Technical Specifications

  • Constant supply of chilled filtered water adjustable 3 C to 12 C
  • Instant hot water adjustable to up top 95 C with safety features
  • Extra hot facility to boost temperature
  • Hot water indicator light
  • Large drip tray
  • Weight - 22kgs
  • Floor Standing Dimensions - 345 x 365 x 1020mm
  • Table Top Dimensions - 345 x 365 x 485mm
  • Filtration System - 1 micron QC silver carbon block and second stage UV in the cold tank.
  • Advanced two stage filtration system with UV (ultraviolet) technology guarantees water within EU guidelines

Two stage purification process includes ultraviolet technology to guarnatee water of exceptional purity.

It also comes in a choice of water variants and can provide chilled and instant hot water through the same dispenser. This enables hot drinks to be made without wasting time for the kettle to boil.

It also incorpoates advanced filtration UV (ultraviolet) technology to guarantee water of real purity guranteed up to EU guidelines.

Our all inclusive service package includes filter changes and sanitisation every 26 weeks, component replacement and service call outs.

Order a free no obligation trial for a Waterlogic 2500!

* A free trial with Hepscott Water Systems is offered, provided that water and electricity services are accessible and is subject to a site survey. ** WRAS certification currently pending for WL2000 and WL2500 dispensers.

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