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Water Coolers for Schools

Hepscott Water Systems, Northumbrian Water and Essex and Suffolk Water are working together to bring the latest options in mains connected water coolers to all schools within their local area.

Rent or purchase plumbed-in water coolers for schools which take water directly from the mains, providing an unlimited supply of chilled, quality drinking water for everyone to enjoy.

You could also be eligible for a grant paid directly to your school from the Community Foundation, to allow you to invest in a school water cooler.

School Water Coolers- the benefits

  • Cool water, constantly on tap
  • No heavy bottles to change
  • Clean water
    - where you want it, when you want it
  • Chilled water, for an even better taste
  • Straightforward installation
    - usually takes 20 minutes
  • Only one square foot of space required
  • Runs on a 240v electrical socket
  • Meets water supply regulations
Water coolers for schools

Why choose Water Cooler for your School?

Studies have shown that children who are even slightly dehydrated suffer from reduced concentration and behaviour, as well as decreased arithmetic efficiency and a drop in short-term memory.

Water coolers for schools are the perfect way to ensure that both children and staff remain hydrated throughout the day. School water coolers provide a constant stream of water so there is no risk of ever running out, or the need to reorder new bottles. In addition, the chilled water produced from a school water cooler is a much tastier alternative to tap water, so everyone will be encouraged to come back for more. Alternatively, take a look at our water fountains for schools.

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